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Transportation systems and Development management
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Since 1994, the Sauerbrei engineering firm has been working successfully in the areas of design, construction management and supervision, in accordance with the measures on urban street and excavation engineering (Thuringia Chamber of Engineers 0270-94 BI). With specialist expertise, we offer advice and support, as well as the design, management and construction of your road and excavation schemes. For projects funded by regional or town planning and development, or projects which are eligible according to the laws on road construction and improvement, we also undertake the compilation of registration and planning permission documents within the framework of our design tasks. Two specialist freelance workers have been responsible for this in the Sauerbrei engineering firm since 1997.

Our collaboration with reliable contractors and sub-contractors enables us to undertake all services, from surveying including the compilation of environmental assessment and planning, to design and street lighting systems.

We are also pleased to have to hand our extensive experience with the design of entire residential and industrial infrastructure.